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A dentist has a mission. They are not only here the money. They are there for the service of the customers. Good examples of dentists that do their tasks to be good dentists are dentists from Mission, Texas. Isn’t it a bit ironic? Dentists from Mission doing the mission of dentists.

What is a dentist’s mission?

A dentist’s mission is to devote their time to educate their patients into maintaining good oral health. It is their mission to diagnose their patients for any dental disease they might have. This involves a series of examinations like saliva tests, x-rays, lasers, biopsies and such. The diagnosis also involves checking for illnesses which have oral manifestations like AID, diabetes, and leukemia. A dentist must provide health care to prevent and treat tooth decay and gum disease. For this, treatments like scaling, cleaning, application of fluoride, use of pharmaceutical interventions and public health measures are involved. Restoring teeth are also part of their obligation. The teeth restoration not only involves restoring decayed or damaged teeth to a better appearance but also improving its functions. The restoration process may include amalgam restorations, crowns, bridges, veneers and tooth fillings where the tooth pulp or the nerve is treated. If there is a process of restoring teeth, there is also a process of replacing teeth. This is made for teeth which already lost hope for restoration. This is done by replacing teeth with denture which may either be metal or plastic. Sometimes it is done by implant-supported crowns and dentures. Dentists also need to treat problems for the functions of the mouth. They are also expected to perform an assortment of oral surgical procedures on the teeth like the removal of wisdom teeth. They must also take responsibility for the treatment assigned to allied dental personnel. He should recommend other dentists who specialize in a kind of treatment you cannot give when the necessity arises. A dentist must also provide orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. He must also write prescriptions to manage or cure diseases and control infections and pain.

That is a dentist’s mission. He’s duty is to make his career live by this ethics in order to be a good dentist. Like dentists from Mission, Texas who carry this duty as a good and responsible dentist, all dentist must also follow this rules to be a true dentist; not only in name but also in actions.http://youtu.be/eNmsucapNM4


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